Clients of facilities fall into the following categories

  • New Market / Locational – Businesses which are typically headquartered abroad or in another region of the country which require a business presence in the area of operation of the business center.
  • Startup Companies / Entrepreneurial – Small to medium businesses or enterprises which don't want to make a financial commitment to a longer term lease. Serviced office helps get benefits from not having to add administrative and support personnel to payroll, with all the pursuant HR costs (benefits, security, recruitment).
  • Overflow – Typically a large company experiencing growth, with traditional leased space in the area which it has outgrown. These can be short-term requirements (3–6 months) for large number of users (as many as 40-50).
  • Interim – Clients that are in the process of moving from one space to another, and may be facing delays in the completion of the new space.
  • Project-based – Clients that have a specific need for office space, based on a specific contract or project.

With Serviced Office, you will only pay rental under the "right area of ​​your using area" you choose, but you are FREE to use:

  • Dedicated Receptionist;
  • Administrative Support
  • Telecom service
  • IT infrastructure and internet connectivity.
  • Conference Rooms;
  • Meeting Rooms;
  • Heating, air conditioning and other utilities;
  • Furniture;
  • Full-time security;

Some pictures of Hanoi Office

service-office-hanoi   service-office-forrent   office-for-rent-hadong service-office-for-rent2 service-office-for-rent3

In short, do not need to invest high cost to build a professional business image in the eyes of your partner, you only need to pay rent monthly in accordance with the office area of your choice (no electricity, water, internet charges, monthly paid...). Because everything has to be in PACKAGE - does not arise, you only need absolute focus on your business so effectively.

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