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The start-ups movement and freelances working in big cities, especially Hanoi in recent years, has created a new flexible office community quite exciting. At the same time, also promote the birth of a series of coworking space Hanoi.

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In this time, a coworking space host has created a great reputation is Hanoi Office. coworking space Hanoi Office is under INC Vietnam Joint Stock Company with nearly 10 years of experience, currently owns 4 addresses in 4 busiest districts of Hanoi: Thanh Xuan, Cau Giay, Ha Dong, Nam Tu Liem. Coworking space Hanoi Office provides businesses with 5 outstanding services: Virtual office, Private office, Working seat, Meeting room rental and Online meeting room.

1. The goal of coworking space Hanoi Office

Design must be relatively flexible to cater to many businesses. Competitive service price, however, is the luxury needed by the enterprise to raise its brand.


Unlike other common sharing offices, coworking space in Hanoi Office is designed with separate spaces to focus on creativity, in addition to very flexible desks or tables, including rows of rows very creative desk.

In addition, the office is designed in the style of open space, harmonious colors, modern and simple modern office furniture to be able to adjust the working module to be flexible as required, ask by the customer.

Coworking space Hanoi Office is suitable:

  • Small and medium enterprises: Representative offices of foreign companies or companies whose headquarters are not located in Hanoi City.
  • Groups or individuals: Often travel to work, use the office with not much frequency, but still want a seat on the office polite, convenient to work.


2. Types of services of coworking space Hanoi Office

Seat rental service

There are two types of seat rentals: fixed seats (monthly rental) or flexible seats (daily rental). Depending on demand, customers can choose one of these two types of services.

Flexible seat service

Hourly package: Only from VND 50,000 / 4 hours

Daily package: Only from VND 80,000 / day

Weekly package: Only from VND 390,000 / week

Monthly rental package: Only 800,000 VND / month

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Fixed seating service


3-month rental package: Only from VND 1,200,000 / month (Get 1 more month of using the service)

6-month rental package: Only from VND 1,000,000 / month (Get 2 additional months of using the service)

1-year rental package: Only from VND 800,000 / month (Get 3 additional months of using the service)

Office rental service

Customers rent and pay according to the actual number of seats but can use the entire space and common office equipment. Using this service will save more cost than renting a fixed office with the same area and conditions. In particular, shared office services are available to connect with businesses (accounting support, tax declaration, business registration, invoices, documents, etc.)


Meeting room rental service

The meeting room for rent is equipped with sharp and high-definition projectors, high-speed Internet, Wifi and conference call system.

The rental price of the Hanoi Office meeting room is extremely attractive, starting from VND 200,000 / hour.


Note: Discount 10% for customers renting from 2 days or more.

Virtual office services


This is a special type of office that Hanoi Office coworking space provides to business customers, mainly start-ups. With virtual offices, businesses will have a reliable address for professional and modern offices to do business registration and work with the tax authorities.

3. Full service package with more than 11+ unexpected utilities only available in coworking space Hanoi Office 


This is the best solution for cost and human resources, because you only need to register a service package, Hanoi Office will provide you with a lot of utilities as follows:

  • Address for transaction in one of the three busiest districts in Hanoi: Thanh Xuan, Cau Giay, Ha Dong and Nam Tu Liem
  • The concierge will receive mail and parcels on your behalf and will forward it to the requested address.
  • Receptionist, receptionist, and beautiful representative to handle the work within the permitted scope at coworking space Hanoi Office in your absence.
  • Free supply of modern office equipment: Printer, fax, copier, …
  • Security services, daily housekeeping services.
  • Air conditioner operates 24/24
  • Free tea and water; bar area, kitchen counter standard restaurant is only 3 steps away
  • Use of electricity, water, high speed internet FREE
  • In addition, coworking space Hanoi Office provides a lot of other services such as translation service – translation service, business establishment support service, text editing service, other telecommunication services.

You will get even more than that, because this fall, coworking space Hanoi Office sends you many special offers. Quickly register now so you don’t miss it. Program Details here:



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