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In the current era, when many small and medium-sized companies and businesses are born with expensive office rents, the need for office sharing is becoming a trend. Sharing workspace brings a lot of benefits. One of the new services is office for rent an office for a day. Let’s explore Hanoi Office rental services with cheap prices.

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1. What is renting an office daily?

You rent an office for a day as mean as rent hot desk in coworking space. 

Hot-desking is the practice of having unassigned desks so multiple people may use any given workstation. It works well in environments where not everyone has to be in the office at the same time, or in activity based environments where there are a variety of other settings that people can work at instead.


Similarly, free addressing refers to office space where teams are not allocated to a specific area so all workstations can be used by all staff at any time. This allows the floor space to be used as efficiently as possible, but does require accurate wayfinding.

2.  What does the office include if you rent an office for a day?


Work anywhere you want in a shared work area and you can use the facilities of that location:

  • International standard office building, prime location, favorable location.
  • Equip tables and chairs and filing cabinets.
  • Using a common seating area with a large space helps your customers feel most natural, comfortable and effective in conversations.
  • Receptionist good at foreign languages, professional receptionist will guide and help your customers the most enthusiastic.
  • Free use of printers, scanners, photocopiers.
  • Free air-conditioner, water and electricity, backup generator.
  • High-speed wifi internet is not limited to the number of connected devices.
  • Use the general fax number (Forward to email).
  • Security services for buildings and offices 24/24.

Moreover, when you rent an office for a day at Hanoi Office, you can:

  • Use the entire office space with the cheapest price in hanoi just from 2,2$/ 4 hours
  • Use the registered business address to trade, receive mail and parcels.
  • Use standard, modern and luxurious meeting rooms with full equipment: projector, LCD screen, flipchart, pen and paper.
  • Display company name on the street and in front of the office
  • Free drinking water (tea, coffee, water).


3. Who should rent an office for a day?

Flexible monthly seating package gives you the opportunity to connect with Hanoi Office community and be free to express your own personality. Flexible seat packages are ideal for freelancers, teleworkers, small business owners or business travelers who need a vibrant, inspiring workspace. 


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This package is best for those who want to get in and out of the workplace 24/7 but not necessarily a private office or a fixed daily seat. A new seat every day gives you the opportunity to talk to future colleagues; you can always have peace of mind about computer sockets; Free pre-made fresh coffee; Find impressive conference room for upcoming big meeting.

Daily seat rental service has a lot of benefits, giving you a comfortable working space but very luxurious and modern. 

Call Hotline 085.339.4567 – 0904.388.909 of Hanoi Office if you want to rent an office for a day and enjoy more advice on daily office rental, office seating and experience the best shared office service.


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