Deciphering the heat of coworking space in Vietnam

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1. The heat of coworking space in Vietnam

According to CBRE Vietnam’s statistics, as of April 2018, there were a total of 19 coworking spaces in Hanoi and 15 coworking spaces in Ho Chi Minh City from 23 operating units – including 2 Executive units come from abroad. Thus, the number of co-working spaces increased to 62% and recorded an average growth rate of 55% over the past 5 years.

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The market of coworking space in Vietnam is still very large based on the needs and the growth rate of new businesses. According to the General Statistics Office, during the past 15 years, the number of small and medium enterprises accounted for 97% of the enterprises established in Vietnam and employing about 50% of the labor force. This will be a positive figure for developers of this model to exploit. The race between domestic investors with new names and the world giants is expected to be fierce.

2. The reasons for the movement of Co-working Space flourished in Vietnam

Professional, creative workspace

Shared workspaces become the most affordable option for people who are not constrained by their time and workspace. Many coworking space in Vietnam is creatively designed, combining green space and filled with natural light as modern cafes inspire abundant work every day.


If you want more private space, choose coworking spaces with separate offices for small groups of 3-8 people / room as in Hanoi Office – a startup incubator center integrated shared workspace. Each private office here is fully equipped with essential furniture including tables, chairs, lockers, lockers, file cabinets with standard area to ensure comfort for each individual working.

Customers can also use coworking space, modern bar area, courteous reception hall, group meeting rooms and receive more incentives when using other services and training.

Perfect utility


These utilities are fully supported when working, including: high speed Internet; Air conditioner, printer, photocopy; The bar serves tea, water and coffee every day; Reception hall; Meeting rooms, conference rooms with projectors, screens, televisions and audio support devices.

Good price

Instead of sitting at home in a space too familiar for resting or sitting at a cafe with unwanted noise, you only need to spend the amount of 3,5 – 5 USD/ day (lower when registering according to month) to enjoy a free but professional workspace with all the utilities mentioned above.

Prime location

Most of the coworking space in Vietnam are located in central districts such as Cau Giay, Thanh Xuan … of the big streets, which are convenient to move and near hospitals, state agencies, places to eat and play. . This helps self-employed workers increase their reputation and professionalism when welcoming customers and partners at work instead of crowded cafes.



Coworking space Vietnam is really a place that can help you connect with many people with knowledge and skills related to your area of interest. But not only individuals, you can also connect with many businesses to take part-time jobs as well as investment fund representatives to develop your own business project.

3. Some outstanding coworking space names in 2019 trends 

With these great benefits, coworking spaces are becoming a craze in Vietnam. There are many outstanding names that have succeeded in this market such as: Regus, Toong, Tiktak, Up Coworking Space. And it is impossible not to mention a company that has successfully built its brand in the past 6 years: Hanoi Office. The outstanding of Hanoi Office is creating a chain with an integrated closed ecosystem for businesses facing many difficulties in legal procedures, capital, investment consultancy, business development.


Hanoi Office Co-working Space offers a variety of service packages such as: Daily seat, Monthly seat, Private office rental package, Virtual office package, Event space rental or meeting room … By complete ecosystem In this regard, Hanoi Office  promises to meet the most demanding needs of customers.


With the advantages of convenience, cost and flexibility, coworking space in Vietnam is increasingly evaluated by the office and business community as an effective working trend of the future. Hopefully, with the coworking space names above, you will easily select a coworking space to work conveniently and best suit your needs. 


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