10 new coworking space concept in 2019

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The shift of office model from traditional closed model to more versatile office models has been changing market trends. In this post about 10 new coworking space concept  2019, we show some new changes that will affect the coworking concept to make it even better. 

1. Technology

The technological innovation will reduce management personnel: security staff, mailing receptionist, general management staff. In this coworking space concept  there will be no need to hire even a single manager to take care of the coworking space by management software, access cards, booking system, automated invoices, attendance system, time trackers etc. Everything is automated and you only need to care about sales and profits at the end of the month. 

2. Multiple Locations


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Freelacers, businessmen often tend to choose flexible, co-working spaces with many locations. It’s time for coworking spaces to come together to create a flexible workspace, there by, customers can go to any address in the system without paying extra fees or making new contracts.

3. Space Design


Space investors can refer to the design styles of the world famous creative giants such as: Facebook, Google, Inventionland. The office integrates leisure, sports and leisure activities such as gaming room, bedroom, table tennis, goft, will maximize the customer experience.

4. Additional Out of Box Services

Some of the coworking space trend-leading spaces have soon provided additional services like a large company offers your business: include babysitting, a chartered accountant for your startup, bank tie-ups for a loan, making office space pet-friendly, business account etc. 


If a coworking space is missing on this coworking space concept and does not go the extra mile for its clients, it might soon start losing out customers to newly opened spaces.  

5. Niche Coworking Spaces

To create the new coworking space concept trend, investors need customize customer experience. Niche coworking means that you target a particular segment. If we’d had to explain it with an example that just imagine – a coworking space for artists, only for females, for developers and coders, coworking space especially for writers, photographers and so on. While, these niche coworking spaces have created quite strong communities.

6. Connection to Nature


The coworking space concepts suggest that coworking spaces are getting more inclined towards greenery. Ample flowers, plants and well maintained green walls are somehow more attractive to coworkers. Coworking trends suggest that new design concepts have also started to include an artificial waterfall, stones, beaches like structures and other things that depict nature within the space.  

7. Community, Culture & Classes

People come to space not only for work but also for more: From weekly lunch to events and from yoga classes to meditation sessions, all are becoming a part of the coworking concept. These activities usually only take place on weekends or evenings but the benefits it brings to society are significant.

8. The Corporate Shift

Earlier coworking spaces were for freelancers or SME but now days even corporate companies are exploring coworking spaces for their employees. This shift is happening for the good as it is building more trust in coworking spaces. One coworking space concept trend to look out for in 2019 is to make your coworking space corporate friendly by making a difference between open area, small private offices and lounge area.    

9. Digital Marketing

Last but not least. The major coworking trend that is It’s a digital application in marketing. No matter how well space has been built, no matter the location of the space, your space will not attract coworkers until and unless you spread the word. Running ads on social media and SEO in search engines is an effective marketing channel.

10. Rental photographic space

Thanks to the new coworking space concept, you can offer plenty of natural light, avoiding direct sunlight. Part of the large windows can be darkened on request, to provide the perfect conditions for taking photos. We also offer mobile LED panels and flexible ceiling lights, which can be aligned to the respective needs.


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Coworking trends may vary from region to region and even from time to time. The above mentioned 10 trends are the ones that might guide the coworking culture for the year 2019 and make it future ready. 

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