Is flexible office space changing the definition of your workplace?

Starting from the late 2017, flexible office space has become popular and well received in the market, not only in the US, Europe, but Asia – the fastidious and difficult to change market with the inherent model also gradually transformed and merged with the new style workspace.

How flexible office space works?

Suppliers of office space compete by providing different types of flexible office space meeting the needs of all types of customers. In addition, some will provide in-house community activities such as events, seminars for start-ups, marketers, etc. or many other modern facilities and other included services.

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The most popular choice of small businesses, start-ups and SMEs is the all-in-one office, and it is now becoming the preferred choice for bigger enterprises too. As it means they can minimize the management resources needed versus a conventional lease.


How is flexible office – coworking changing the definition of your workplace?

“Cooperatives” in the community


One of the most appreciated benefits is the promotion of cooperation in the environment. With this trend, flexible office space is designed to have a common use space outside the space for each company. Meeting between organizations and groups with the same opinion has created cooperatives to share views and develop on the same interests, increasing the need for creativity and innovation in business.

Space is a service – creating and maintaining revenue

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Coworking – flexible office space develops new models to improve the quality of their services and maintain tenants permanently. Some of these solutions include specialized services for the integrated community in Coworking such as virtual office rental, meeting room rental, conference space rental. Or partner with a cafe to provide better customer experience.


Apply technology to enhance member experience


One of the factors that improve the Coworking experience is the convenience of the user, allowing them to book and pay expenses immediately. In addition, using high-tech equipment from smart TV, audio equipment, projection screens to support personal and organizational work.

Always have seats and ready to serve


Flexible office ensures adequate parking in their area, often provided free of charge. Members are working in a modern environment and using utilities. entertainment at the shopping center in the building.

Large businesses also use coworking


Coworking thrives by meeting the need to share and rent low-cost offices of startups, small and medium, but large businesses also quickly realize the benefits of using such workspaces. . This is clearly seen at Hanoi Office, when coworking owns large space and beautiful location, services come with many utilities, big businesses are also ready to “move in the same place” to save money. ground fees, interior investment and equipment.


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Hanoi Office coworking space is a good suggestion for you. Not only do you meet all of that five criteria, our flexible office space also gives you countless other facilities that you will have to surprise at a cost of only 2.2 USD for 4 hours of work – just 1 cup of coffee we still have or drink daily.

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