TOP coworking companies in Hanoi you cannot miss

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Co-working space is a new office model that has been around since 2012 In Vietnam and became a trend favored by many start-ups and freelancers. To understand more about this model and the most reputable top coworking companies, please read in the article below.

Co-working Space model is a service for hiring a fixed working place by the hour, day, month without a fixed one or many people. This model is mainly developed in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. According to the statistics of CBRE VN from 2015 to April 2018, there are 34 co-working spaces including 19 establishments in Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh City has 15 facilities, this number is expected to continue to increase.

Among many coworking options, you will have to wonder immensely. So consult top coworking companies for the best option.

Hanoi Office

It is no coincidence that Hanoi Office Coworking always receives compliments for its modernity and professionalism for its service. With nearly 6 years of experience, Hanoi Office will be the first choice among top coworking companies for customers.

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The space at Hanoi Office is the perfect combination for working people who prefer private, airy space as well as business customers who need a workplace and meet modern and professional partners. The design style of Hanoi Office is not too cumbersome, breaking the style but bearing professionalism and elegance, ensuring comfort for users.


Not only has the strong point of luxurious and modern space, Hanoi Office also provides customers with maximum support for utilities and services, especially for business customers with large meeting rooms accommodating 30-40 people, projectors, printers, fax machines, telephone systems, drinks, receptionists and soundproof walls ensure maximum privacy during the work.

It is known that this is one of the few co-working spaces that serve the startup community at the most reasonable price:

  • Hourly rentals: 2.20$ / 4 hours
  • Daily rentals: 3.50$/ 1 day
  • Monthly rentals: 35$ / 1 month


You feel secure because Hanoi Office owns 4 branch coworking spaces  in 4 busy central districts in Hanoi:

  • Sannam Building, No.78 Duy Tan, Cau Giay District
  • Zen Tower, No.12 Khuat Duy Tien, Thanh Xuan District
  • HUD3 Tower Building, 121-123 To Hieu, Ha Dong District
  • AT Building, No.9 Lane 7 Le Duc Tho, Nam Tu Liem District

When you are in need of service experience, please contact directly with the following information:

Hotline: 085.339.4567 – 0904.388.909



2. Toong Coworking Space

Ranked No. 2 in the top coworking companies is Toong. One of the characteristics that makes Toong unique is the design of the bars at the large 3rd floor lobby, which provides an ancient space with a strong East-West cultural interference. The rent here ranges from 4 USD / 3 hours and 446 USD / month. Toong workspace has caused great buzz, attracting many entrepreneurs, startup communities, freelancers or foreign visitors … come here to experience and search for a new creative work style.


Address: No 8 Trang Thi / 98 To Ngoc Van

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:00

3. Up Coworking

Being one of the top prestigious coworking companies in Hanoi Up Coworking Space is highly appreciated for the space simulated by Sillicon Valley’s “Valley of Technology”. The special feature of this model is that the only coworking space in Hanoi serving customers 24/7, so you can come here whenever you want. In addition to the work areas, it is also arranged, decorated with a number of meeting rooms, lunch areas, entertainment … so you can relax the mind for an upcoming project.


Specific address: 8th Floor of Hanoi Creative City Building, No. 1 Luong Yen.

Opening hours: 24/7

4. Kico working space

Ranked No. 4 in the top coworking companies, Kico is located at the 4th floor of the busy Times Tower office area – No. 35 Le Van Luong, quickly attracted young people and office people to choose to work. my favorite. With colorful and creative office designs, Kico working space is more suitable for young people who love personality and innovation.


In addition, this is also a suitable space for companies to take advantage of seminars and large training with an open space capacity of up to several hundred people.

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:00.

5. Tiktak Coworking Space

Tiktak Coworking space is a project of VNP Group, headquartered at Diamond Flower Tower, the intersection of two major roads in the center is Le Van Luong and Hoang Dao Thuy of Thanh Xuan District.


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This project of VNP Group creates a modern, professional and creative workspace with adequate facilities and services worthy of quality, for start-ups and medium-sized businesses. and small but want to get the most out of sharing space.

In addition to the work areas, it is also arranged, decorated with a number of meeting rooms, lunch areas, entertainment … so you can relax the mind for upcoming projects. One minus point is that the cost is quite high> 2,000,000 / month for individual customers.

Address: No 1, Hoang Dao Thuy, Thanh Xuan District

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:00

With the advantages of convenience, cost and flexibility, coworking space model is increasingly evaluated by the office and business community as an effective working trend of the future. Hopefully, with the top coworking companies above, you will easily select a coworking space to work conveniently and best suit your needs.


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