5 things that make your coworking space business more unique than ever

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Co-working Space is an office model that is not too strange. In recent years, in Vietnam, the coworking space business has become hotter than ever because of its large market share, easy investment, and quick return on capital, making it a “delicious piece” of many investors. But to succeed in this field, you need the secrets to your coworking to stand out from the competitions.

Focus on expanding your community, then on space

Don’t assume that you are building a coworking space community will be interested.

Because coworking is still a new model for many people. You might consider organizing a few events to survey and arouse interest from the public.

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Remember that coworking space was originally born to meet the needs of a small community that needed a convenient workplace every month. Later, this community developed and became more influential, bringing the coworking space business to become a strong trend in the world. So starting a customer community is never a bad idea.

Focus on the functionality of the service then think of coworking space business

First, you need to consider whether this is a profitable place or a space that inspires creative inspiration. This will help you evaluate whether you should invest a lot in your environment, utilities and services.


Many Coworking Space’s operations break down the simplicity, even the idea that the environment and benefits bring incredible resources – that’s all the benefits are needed. 

Choose a prime coworking location


You want a convenient, safe and easy to find space. Typically, good coworking will be in buildings B and A with large space. You can negotiate with managers, landlords, property owners to ensure the cheapest rent. 

Focus on utilities, then pay attention to furniture

Having a comfortable and creative environment to work is very important, but more importantly, it provides timely utilities, especially high-speed Internet for users to use. Working with companies related to utilities, may be specially arranged for space to serve the community. 


In terms of interior, if you have a decent budget, consider adding souvenir gifts and even allowing Co-working space participants to decorate so that the space becomes more productive, more action.

Hear advices from veteran coworking space business traders

If you do not have a direction, refer to online information sites is a good suggestion – this is the platform that provides a lot of useful resources for you because most coworking businesses communicate through these channels.


At the same time, you should also attend events where the famous coworking space to refer to how they operate and also have the opportunity to talk with the founders.


A fairly prominent name in the coworking space business community – Hanoi Office – the unit has 07 years of experience in this field. The key to the success of Hanoi Office is to focus on the core values of the business, integrating as many utilities as possible and professional management. Hanoi Office has now become the leading symbol for one of the leading and successful units in this field and owns a growing community of freelancers and start-ups. 


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