Top 8 Best Co-working space companies in Vietnam

In an effort to observe and update the ongoing trends in Vietnam, we recognize the continuous development of the “coworking space” trend in the office market. The number of co-working companies increased so fast it was unimaginable. Because of that, choosing a coworking space companies that suitables for your work is not an easy thing. You will be lost of choosing co-working space because too many of them.

So, in this thread I will recommend you “Top 8 Best Co-working space companies in Vietnam”.

Top 1: Hanoi Office – One of the first co-working space companies in Vietnam

Hanoi Office coworking space is a good suggestion for you because of it’s reputation, price, quality. With almost 10 years in this market, Hanoi Office provides you high quality experience but cheap price. It contains everything you need such as quiet space, receptionist, file cabinets, IT staff, phone answering staff, office equipment, air conditioning, wifi, free coffee, …



Price: 80000 VND per day


Hanoi Office has 8 locations that makes transportation in Hanoi become easier.

In addition to leasing co-working space, Hanoi Office also has other services such as virtual office for rent, private office, meeting room, online meeting room.

Website: https://hanoioffice.vn/

Hotline:  085 339 4567 –  0904 388 909

Top 2: Toong working space

In addition to Hanoi Office, Toong workspace is also one of the top searches for co-working space companies in Hanoi.Under the slogan “ Truly co-working space for creator “, TOONG has offices, café and even a house that makes you feel exactly like home with the atmosphere in a clubhouse.

Price: 90000 VND per day

Locations: on the 3rd and 4th floor at 8 Trang Thi street


Top 3: The Vuon Co-working space

By using cold tones in combination with Wall-Art, The Vuon  gives customers a breakthrough feeling with creative, youthful and dynamic workspace.

The Vuon has a spacious space with a capacity of up to 200 people, this will be an ideal place for businesses and individuals to organize seminars, chat, talkshow, …


Price: about 90000 VND per day

Locations: 3rd floor, Tower A, D2 Building, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

Top 4: Hanoi Hub

 Hanoi Hub is an “Open space for your open mind”. This ideal of this co-working space has various areas that you can freely discover around, access to fundamentally free wifi, free food and beverage, library, meeting rooms, printer/scanner/copier, PCs, chilling room and even open fresh air garden by the house.


Price: 70000 VND for 3 hours

Locations: No 2, Alley 59, Lang Ha street, Dong Da district, Ha noi

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Top 5: S garden Co-working Space

 When you come to this co-working space company, customer will feel a close, home atmosphere by the simplicity of the decoration and interior layout. S garden is the best place for people who love vintage styles, bohemian, old school.

It’s truly like a second home!


Price: 100000 VND per day

Location: No 19, Alley 376, Khuong Dinh street, Thanh Xuan district, Ha Noi

Top 6: Up Coworking

Being one of the top prestigious coworking companies in Hanoi Up Coworking Space is highly appreciated for the space simulated by Sillicon Valley’s “Valley of Technology”. The special feature of this model is that the only coworking space in Hanoi serving customers 24/7, so you can come here whenever you want. In addition to the work areas, it is also arranged, decorated with a number of meeting rooms, lunch areas, entertainment … so you can relax the mind for an upcoming project.


Specific address: 8th Floor of Hanoi Creative City Building, No. 1 Luong Yen.

Opening hours: 24/7

Top 7: Kico working space

Ranked No. 4 in the top coworking companies, Kico is located at the 4th floor of the busy Times Tower office area – No. 35 Le Van Luong, quickly attracted young people and office people to choose to work. my favorite. With colorful and creative office designs, Kico working space is more suitable for young people who love personality and innovation.


In addition, this is also a suitable space for companies to take advantage of seminars and large training with an open space capacity of up to several hundred people.

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:00.

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explore mo

Top 8: Tiktak Coworking Space

Tiktak Coworking space is a project of VNP Group, headquartered at Diamond Flower Tower, the intersection of two major roads in the center is Le Van Luong and Hoang Dao Thuy of Thanh Xuan District.


This project of VNP Group creates a modern, professional and creative workspace with adequate facilities and services worthy of quality, for start-ups and medium-sized businesses. and small but want to get the most out of sharing space.

In addition to the work areas, it is also arranged, decorated with a number of meeting rooms, lunch areas, entertainment … so you can relax the mind for upcoming projects. One minus point is that the cost is quite high> 2,000,000 / month for individual customers.

Address: No 1, Hoang Dao Thuy, Thanh Xuan District

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:00

With the advantages of convenience, cost and flexibility, coworking space model is increasingly evaluated by the office and business community as an effective working trend of the future. Hopefully, with the top coworking companies above, you will easily select a coworking space to work conveniently and best suit your needs.

Co-working space is really a trend! The number of Co-working space companies grow more and more every day. With too many company like that, It will take you lots of time to analyst and choose. 

That’s why we want to make the list “ Top 8 Co-working space companies in Viet Nam” with the purpose of helping you choose the most suitable Co-working space.